How We Work

Our team will design, deliver, and nurture a fully inclusive dissemination campaign to help improve your online visibility.

We’re no ordinary marketing agency, we’re digital dissemination specialists with a proven track record within the science and research community. Our team is comprised of SEO Keyword Strategists, Web & Graphic Designers, SEO Copywriters, Email Campaign Managers, Content Delivery Analysts and Account Managers, all of which you’ll have full access to and who are here to help.

Research, Analysis and Reporting

Online Performance Reports

Content Keyword Analysis

Keyword Strategy Design

  • We’ll take the time to listen to your objectives and develop a clear understanding of where you need your website to be, we’ll use this information to design and deliver an effective dissemination strategy.
  • We’ll carry out a full online performance report in order to identify areas in which you are under-performing and areas we think you should be targeting.
  • We’ll provide you with a report outlining our key objectives for the initial stages of your campaign so you know exactly what’s going to happen.
  • We’ll continually measure our results to see where improvements are being made and make adjustments where and when necessary.

{Re}Design and {Re}Development

Dedicated Hosting

Secure HTTPS (SSL) Protocol

Custom Web Address (URL)

Fully Responsive Design

Secure Cloud Email Address

  • We’ll fully manage the technical aspects of your site by hosting it on our dedicated UK based servers; backed up daily for complete peace of mind.
  • We’ll develop your site in HTTPS:// with an SSL certificate to ensure we are giving it the best possible chance of achieving a good organic ranking position.
  • We’ll assess the visual appearance of your website and where necessary redesign and redevelop your online presence for maximum impact.
  • We’ll develop an online architecture which makes your data more easily accessible, not only by humans but by the automated search bots that determine it’s ranking position for relevant search terms.

Content Creation and Delivery

Optimised Landing Pages

Monthly Online Content

Email List Management

Quarterly Email Newsletters

  • Our experienced SEO copywriters will not only produce engaging content for the pages of your site they’ll also write regular news articles to ensure your site is more easily found for your campaigns key search terms.
  • We’ll use a mix of organic SEO and email marketing techniques to deliver your content directly to the people that need to see it, measuring and tracking response rates at every stage of the process.
  • We’ll constantly evaluate your keyword strategy to make sure that your web pages are being found for the right reasons, and by the right people, making sure to adjust your web content and emails where and when necessary.

Ongoing Analysis and Reputation Management

Account Management

Reactive Keyword Adjustment

Quarterly Performance Reports

Telephone & Email Support

  • We’ll do all the campaign leg work, we’ll manage your content, evaluate it, tweak it, and make it work for you, freeing up your valuable time to do more important research project tasks.
  • We’ll regularly suggest ways to improve your online presence and work closely with you to implement them in a way that is going to increase exposure.
  • We’ll always be available to answer any questions you may have at any stage of the design and campaign management process.
  • Most importantly, we’ll manage your online reputation as if it were our own!

If you feel your research project website is under-performing, metatistics can design and deliver an effective content delivery solution to help improve your online exposure.